As a business coach for entrepreneurs, I am here to help you go from zero to legacy.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for a while… I support Wantrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and CEOpreneurs to ascend into their next level of success so they can thrive in their life and business.

From Fashion Designer to Business Designer

Before becoming a Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, I ran my own fashion label. Fresh out of grad school, I jumped into entrepreneurship with zero clue what I was doing.

Going into this journey blind meant throwing away hordes of money and wasting years of my life trying to “figure out” this whole entrepreneur thing. 

Despite being raised by an entrepreneur and running businesses since I was young… I had no idea what I was doing.

Yeah, I had a brilliant idea and was talented AF. But I didn’t understand what it took to make money in business, how to navigate business relationships, marketing and social media strategies, mindset, publicity, taxes or cash flow.


My first eight years of entrepreneurship can be summed up in one word: STRUGGLE.

Then I began hiring coaches and professionals who had created successful businesses to help me develop my inner strength, use my unique gifts to develop my one-of-a-kind vision, push the bounds of my comfort zone and design an empire.

Now, 15 years into my Entrepreneur journey, I have trained close to 5000 people around the world and helped countless Entrepreneurs bring to life their tailor made business strategy, set-up their systems, grow teams, increase their revenue, land incredible publicity and create massive impact in the world.

“What gets me out of bed each day? The 50% of entrepreneurs who will go out of business before their 5th anniversary. The 90% of women owned businesses who never make it to 6-figures (or more) in revenue per year. The thought of thousands of women who want a different life for themselves, but don’t have the support they need to become entrepreneurs.

For the first 30 years of my life I hid behind my fears and I stayed small. But I realized I cannot sit idly by while so many entrepreneurs struggle when I have the knowledge and expertise to make their lives easier, more fulfilling and incredibly profitable.

I am in this world to help women access their power to create immensely successful businesses, build powerful teams, impact and disrupt the norms and become wealth as f*ck in the process.”

-Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley is a business coach for entrepreneurs, thought leader, innovator and business visionary. She knows that one-size never fits all, so her approach is customized and tailor made to each client.


As a business coach for entrepreneurs, I’m here to help you create long-term, sustainable success… on your terms!

My Zone of Genius lies in being a Visionary Architect – which means I can not only see the one-of-a-kind vision you want to create, but I will also help you build it and bring it to life. 

I work with established and emerging businesses using my extensive knowledge of business development and entrepreneurship to:

    • increase your impact,
      • laser-focus your vision,
        • streamline your systems,
          • build your team,
            • boost your profits,
              • and more!

Fun Facts About Bri:

  • I am a board member for Aadya Rising, a non-profit providing life-altering support services and aid to at-risk and marginalized populations of all ages within the broader Queer and Transgender communities.
  • I was awarded two Stevie Awards in 2020: a Silver Stevie Award for Coach of the Year – Business and a Bronze Stevie Award for Woman of the Year – Business Services
  • I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.
  • I relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2020 as part of the Tulsa Remote program with my 7 lbs. tabby Peechez.
  • I’m shamelessly obsessed with puzzles – the more difficult, the better!!!

Through my signature trainings (plus my best-selling book ‘Permission to Leap‘ + podcast ‘The Success Diaries’), my job as a Business Coach for Entrepreneurs is to guide you through the journey from Wantrepreneur… to Solopreneur… to CEOpreneur… to Legacypreneur.

It’s time to walk away from the daily struggle you face in building, growing and scaling your business… and time to step into the ease, success, impact and profits you are meant to experience.

Transform from surviving to thriving in your business as the most incredible, powerful and profitable entrepreneur you could ever imagine.


Lamar L.

Lamar L.

“There’s an undeniable quality about Bri that puts her on par with the great female leaders of our time. She more than helped with a “life problem” I had been struggling with; she equipped me with tangible reachable goals that will systematically lead me to the success I’ve always dreamed. I know without a doubt that she changed my life.”
Liz G.

Liz G.

“Bri has been more than a coach; she says what you wish your friends would say, even if it’s hard, because ultimately she’s there to support your greater good – your higher self. Bri didn’t just coach us and leave us hanging, she reminded us who we already are and gave us the tools we’ve needed to continue living in that knowledge.”

Seeley Enterprises Inc. Vision: 

Seeley Enterprises Inc., led by Bri Seeley, was created to support female entrepreneurs in building profitable long-term businesses.

Bri’s mission is to eradicate the 50% failure rate for entrepreneurs and to help 100,000 entrepreneurs surpass 6-figures in recurring yearly income in the next 10 years.

We envision a world where entrepreneurs are able to bring their businesses to life, scale them and create their legacies with ease and intention. Our job is to do whatever we can to make this happen.

Seeley Enterprises Inc. Values: 

Our business values are not only embodied by our founder, but also by our team and every contractor we work with. The core foundational values of Seeley Enterprises, Inc. include:

  • We are an anti-racist organization.
  • We believe Black Lives Matter.
  • We are allies to the LGBTQ+2 community.
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity are non-negotiable.
  • We pay our team and contractors competitive wages and do not perpetuate unfair labor practices in foreign countries.

Meet the Team

Jessica May Tang

Jessica May Tang

{Assistant Coach}

Jessica is an occupational therapist turned Self Love & Empowerment Coach for women. As a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and the host of The Love Yourself Podcast, she helps women to love, respect, and honor themselves and each other, so together, we can all rise.

Growing up as a people pleaser, Jess struggled for many years to find her footing life. It wasn’t until she worked with Bri that she began to embrace her inner self, develop her intuition, and live by divine guidance. She continues to practice this lifestyle every single day and to support others to do the same.

Vicky Aguilar

Vicky Aguilar

{Virtual Assistant}

Victoria is a  self-professed mindset and spirituality junkie who loves to help and support people.
Vicky found her path as a Virtual Assistant when she had to leave her country due to the economic crisis. She settled in Perú and decided to create a beautiful life helping people grow their business and supporting them in many areas and projects.
When she’s not tending to her clients, you can find her working on her new found passion, manifestation and mindset rewiring. Vicky is the South American arm of Team Bri!
Liz Gurley

Liz Gurley

{Content Writer and Blogger}

Liz writes stuff. And she can help you write stuff. Liz is a Copywriter & Editor, specializing in Developmental Editing. She believes in the power of words, of story, and embraces the vulnerability it requires to share your story with the world.

She’s escaped religion twice, corporate twice, and divorced a former pastor. Her first book, I Was a Good Wife, will be available in Summer 2020. It chronicles her emotional duality through her separation and subsequent divorce in a narrative diary, where her friends became her lovers and she became her own hero.

Liz resides in Western Washington with her cat Pixel.

Sarah Sinclair

Sarah Sinclair

{Professional Speaking Manager}

Sarah is on a mission to help agencies and creative professionals take their firm to the next level. When not implementing digital eco-system best practices, and finding right-fit clients, Sarah spends her time in her zone of genius focusing on positioning, growth, biz dev strategies, and getting paid speaking and workshop opportunities.

Sarah’s strength in research and connecting skills amplify her ability to get to the decision-maker and to get sh*t done. In a no-nonsense straight-talking way she combines a fun working environment with tangible goals for success.

Sarah lives in the rural remote mountains of British Columbia, Canada and enjoys time in her garden, the mountains, and with her family.

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Professional Bio: 

Bri Seeley, Google’s #1 Entrepreneur Coach, helps entrepreneurs and businesses create long-term, sustainable success… on their terms! Bri distills her 14-years of real world experience into easily digestible and tangible tools to help entrepreneurs thrive and profit. She knows that one-size never fits all, so her approach is customized and tailor made to help each client monetize their genius.  Bri was awarded a Silver Stevie Award in 2020 for Coach of the Year – Business and a Bronze Stevie Award in 2020 for Woman of the Year – Business Services. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and the author of the best-selling Permission to Leap. Bri has been seen on The TODAY Show, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, Yahoo! and more. 

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