I’m here to help you defy reality and bring your most audacious entrepreneurial goals to life.

– Bri Seeley, Business Coach for Entrepreneurs


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My Mission…

Support female entrepreneurs in designing and building aligned and profitable businesses from the inside out so they can become the creators of unlimited wealth.

My team and I know that your big goals are possible… and they’re possible inevitable for you. My job is to help you defy reality and build them.

Are you ready to create unlimited wealth in your business without sacrificing yourself and burning out? 

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My Journey Began in 2007

I launched my first business on accident in 2007 – a fashion business. It made sense because I had been sewing since I was 5 years old and had completed both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the subject.

The problem? I had no idea what I was figuring it out as I went… It was a time of excessive trial & error {heavy on the error}.

Over the next 7 years....

I created a lot of successes in my journey. Everything from runway shows, to dressing celebrities, to huge press placements, to selling on Zappos…

And yet, it wasn’t enough.

I experienced daily panic attacks, severe depression and constantly wondered what I was doing wrong.

Everything changed in 2015...

While meditating at a friend’s house on Spring Equinox, I heard a very clear message:

Fashion isn’t it. Shut it down and walk away.

That was my permission slip moment to pivot using the skills, resources and wisdom I’d gained in my entrepreneurial journey thus far.

That's when I decided...

I knew I’d never go back to working for anyone else, but if I was going to remain as an entrepreneur – this time it had to be different.

I worked with a coach over the course of 9-months to discover my next steps and design the business of my dreams.

No more burnout, anxiety, depression or scarcity.

No more working 80-hour weeks on a hamster wheel.

I wanted a business that made an impact on others, fueled my need for freedom and allowed me to share my passion for business and wealth.

6-figures in under a year

I hit the ground running in January 2016 with my first 5-figure month.

By September of that year, I’d crossed a threshold that 88% of female entrepreneurs never cross…

I was a 6-figure business owner.

Not only that – the anxiety and depression had significantly lessened, I was obsessed with my clients, I got to work on my terms.

My life and business had completely transformed and I was living the audacious vision I had envisioned in my lowest moment.

Since 2016 I have...

• served thousands of ambitious women to build their most audacious dream businesses.

• become a best-selling author.

• collapsed time over and over again to go after even more “unrealistic” goals in my business.

• received numerous awards for entrepreneurship and business coaching.

• been featured on hundreds of podcast, press outlets and news organizations.

• launched a non-profit to serve under-resourced women.

• met my life partner after being single for 12 years and gotten engaged.

You have another option

I believe in you and your most “unrealistic” goals.

Whatever is in your heart to achieve or become… I know it’s possible for you.

In 2015, when I was at my lowest of lows I envisioned a new reality for myself – one that was not “realistic” from where I was.

I know what it’s like to work so hard to build a business, only to struggle and overwork.

There’s more available to you.

You do not need to be trapped in the statistics for women owned businesses.

Meet the Team

Jessica May Tang

Jessica May Tang

{Assistant Mindset Coach}

Jessica is an occupational therapist turned Self Love & Empowerment Coach for women. As a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and the host of The Love Yourself Podcast, she helps women to love, respect, and honor themselves and each other, so together, we can all rise.

Growing up as a people pleaser, Jess struggled for many years to find her footing life. It wasn’t until she worked with Bri that she began to embrace her inner self, develop her intuition, and live by divine guidance. She continues to practice this lifestyle every single day and to support others to do the same.

Diorella Joy

Diorella Joy

{Virtual Assistant}

Living out a joyful purpose for her life is the greatest thing to Diorella Joy – being a wife and a mother of two awesome boys.

“I love words.
I love to write out my thoughts.
I love reading good stories, soul food, and insightful writings.
I love to take photos and capture the moment.”

Life is Good. Love Life. Live Life. Live Well.

Kristina Wetterman

Kristina Wetterman

{Content Creator & Personal Assistant}

Kristina love researching, learning, & writing! She also loves organizing. Kristina is the right hand person for all things content, writing and organization at Bri Seeley. 

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Professional Bio: 

TEDx speaker and award winning business woman Bri Seeley is The Entrepreneur Coach. She works with highly ambitious female entrepreneurs to defy reality by bringing their most unrealistic goals to life without overworking, under living or sacrificing themselves for their audacious visions.

Bri uses a high-touch, bespoke approach to help you design and create long-term, sustainable and profitable success – unapologetically.

You may have seen her winning awards for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2023 and Business Coach of the Year in 2020 or on any number of press outlets such as Good Morning America, The TODAY Show, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health and more.

Learn what it’s like to work with Bri as your business coach for entrepreneurs:

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