welcome back, alumni!

Many of you have asked…. and I have finally answered! What happens when you graduate one of my programs? How do you continue to receive support from me if you’re not ready for The Entrepreneur Accelerator or private coaching?

The Monthly Alumni Membership

What is it?

An opportunity for you to receive ongoing support from me and my community of graduates.

What is included?

  • Monthly training video (topics to be determined based on your needs)
  • Monthly group coaching call (happening on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm EST / 4pm PST)
  • Online community portal for conversation, support, encouragement and insights.
  • Discounted access to upcoming online courses
  • Bonus yearly planning session in December
  • Access to my meditation vault (with updates happening regularly)

What is the investment?

$175 per month paid on the 1st of each month {please read the terms of service before you checkout for all the details}

Why should you join?

Things come up which you may be unsure how to handle or approach. All of us need continued support. Maybe you just need a monthly reminder and community to keep you accountable and on track with your vision. I’m constantly learning new tools which you may not have had access to when you worked with me previously. I want to see you succeed.

Ready to join us?


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